Get Your Creative Juices Flowing!

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing!

When you were a child, you were encouraged to release your creativity by drawing, painting, and building sand castles.
As you got older, your life got more structured. You were told what classes to take in school and you were told which cubicle space or office to take when you started a new job.
Unless you have a very “creative” job such as an artist, musician, or designer, you most likely have a very structured job. You work eight hours a day (or more) and you do the same thing every day. Then you go home and spend a few hours with your family.
If you feel repetition of your daily life is holding you back from new opportunities and fresh ideas, do something about it. Get your creative juices flowing!
When you do this, I’m not just talking about being “artsy.” I’m talking about empowering your creativity in all areas of life—work and personal. I’m talking about taking a creative approach to everything you do to feel alive, inspired, and influential in your personal and professional life.
You don’t have to be born creative. Creativity is a thought process that can be learned, practiced, and developed.
“Release” yourself and feel the new creative you emerge!
1. Exhibit a positive attitude.
When you are positive you’re more open to new ideas. You find possibility in everything and you’re non-judgmental. When you’re negative, you limit yourself and others.
2. Play the “What If” game.
Think about your dreams and ask yourself “What if money was no object—what would I do?” “What if time was not an issue—what would I do?” When you ask these questions, you permit yourself to reach for the stars.
3. Read everyday.
You probably read the news and business materials, but read something inspirational, funny, or intellectually stimulating everyday.
4. Keep your “creative” channels open.
Sign-up for art class, write in a journal, dance to music, or clip fascinating pictures from magazines to inspire you.
5. Exercise.
Do something everyday to keep your mind in motion! It doesn’t always have to be an aggressive workout; take a walk over lunchtime, take extra laps around the supermarket, or play with the dog outside.
6. Take a vacation.
Whether it’s lying on a beach, touring museum, or skiing in the mountains, find ways to soak in a different culture.
7. Release your inner child.
Whether or not you have children, act like one every once in awhile! Play on every piece of equipment in a park, get into a water balloon fight, or go to an animated movie. You’ll feel rejuvenated!
8. Avoid negative self-talk.
Don’t say “I can’t write that report,” “I can’t give that presentation,” or “I can’t think of a new family activity.” Think I can and ideas will come easier!
9. Build a network.
Surround yourself with family, friends, and colleagues who make you laugh and challenge your intellect.
10. Relax.
Stress blocks creativity, so relax your mind and body.
These are just a few practical ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Don’t be intimidated by creativity, embrace it!

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